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by Geddenon

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released January 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Geddenon Lawton, Oklahoma

Born on February 17th, 1986, Geddenon was already destined for success. At a young age he developed artistic skill from drawing and painting. During his teenage years, he developed a passion for poetry, and from there it grew into a love for Hip-Hop.

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Track Name: Introduction
Uh, I hope that I don't lose you/I speak the truth, a flow that you ain't used to//If it's rooted in love, it will never use you/Contradictions are spoken only to confuse you//There's power in agreement/Foundation's strong, the power's in the Cement//Please sir no Pisa, no tower should be leanin'/Resurrection achieved without bowing to a Phoenix//Plus His fire is much better, oh taste and see, no waste indeed//Eyes on The Lord, I won't stray from thee/As I'm guided to the Light, so safe-ly//Pray for me, on my journey as a minister/Heaven bound, my home lasts longer than those integers//Met the Deliverer, now I deliver the/Word, over beats the message is similar//
Track Name: Change You (Prod. by Spence Mills)
If you knew that I was dying, I wonder would it change you/I'm bleeding and I'm crying, dying just to change you//The Spirit I'm providing will be guiding you to plain Truth/You think you're link, you'll be burning with your flame suit//No use for ocarinas, they'll be sounding off the trumpets/All manner of deception they'll be bowing to assumptions//Never fear, this coward's power is presumptuous/Unnerved by My words, when I speak his repercussions//Don't blame Me for those deaths, I'm not the reaper's cousin/Fools live their lives like the reaper isn't comin'//Get more power in your bay, receive my diesel, Cummins/Look at history, still believe My Kingdom isn't coming?//Discrediting My power, but yet you believe in nothing?/Be still and know I am, it'll teach you somethin'//Ask Me not Jeeves, like your Nicodemus' cousin/At the sound of My name, you'll see those demons runnin'//
Track Name: So Merciful (Prod. by Li Mu Bai)
Verse 1: Ever since the fall of man, Lord You devised a plan/Took away the keys of death, placed us safely in Your hands//I'm Your instrument, glad to say that I made Your band/ I'm walking kind of funny, but I blame it on my Jacob stance//Except , the sin is what I wrestle with/How excellent the Lamb of the New Testament//I would still be lost, except I had accepted Him/He buried all my dirty deeds so we could be the best of friends//Had to die the death of His, payment for our deficits/Renewal through the mind of Christ, life is more than death and sin//Elated just to know His love, (why?) because it never ends/Knows the numbers of our hairs, Jesus is affectionate//There's a place prepared for us, the Kingdom is indefinite/Repent! and represent this precious gift that Heaven sent//Patiently await the day I get a whiff of Heaven's scent/We won't need the moon or sun, the Light of Christ takes precedence//

Verse 2: The one they crucified didn't stay in the grave/Dismayed, they asked, what does it take to be saved?//The fact He came and died was a display of His grace/Ephesians 2 and 8, we can obtain it by faith//Is it by works alone, not earned by our good deeds/We reap what we sow, it boils down to good seeds//God produces being good, we were never good beings/The Word of God is good for hearts, guess it's full of good beans//Glad I'm drafted to a good team/Walking in my purpose, I'm not worried bout what could be//The world is a record label Satan tried to Suge me/All the things he offered me, I was almost hoodwinked//Now I know we're royalty, a product of my good grief/Princesses stop being hurt, Jesus is the good Link//My God is so good, He's calling us to good things/Right now I'm next at bat, I pray that they are good swings//
Track Name: Leavin' Me (Goodbye World) (Prod. by Omitobeats)
Verse 1: Said goodbye to the old man, welcomed in the new one/I'm a new creation, have you heard the news son?//To the enemy I have become a nuisance/Relieved of the pressure, it felt like it was two tons//That's a lot of condemnation/Washed in His blood, a lot of consolation//Decided to live holy, a lot of consecration/Got my eyes on my lips, watching my conversation//I'm glad I got to make a change/My death for His life, now that's a safe exchange//On fire for The Lord, I won't evade His flame/He stayed on the cross, could've escaped the pain//And now I am a sound saint/Learning that this about face is about faith//Devout, striving for a world that is without hate/I wish that life was a reel, (for real) without the outtakes//

Verse 2: Narrow is the gate so I had to shave some weight off/Adorned the whole armor, just waitin for this face off//A circumcised heart, the stony stuff can stay off/Keep my eyes upon the Lord, that way I'll never stray off//Only been a lost sheep once/The lusts of the flesh, everything a lost sheep wants//The wages of sin is death, it's costly son/The Shepherd paid the price, on the rugged cross He hung//I'll tell you what amazing is/He had resurrected, just so we could date again//I want that Moses face, meaning that I'm displaying it/The glory of my God, who can take away from it?//Alpha omega Author and finisher/Boss of the heavenlies, awesome deliverer//We're only conscience about the cost of a cinema/Yes Lord, response of a constant surrenderer//
Track Name: All I Need (Is Love) (Prod. by Trackmasin)
Verse 1: All I need is love, you can take away the rest/Remove all the woes, and take away the stress//Take all the drama, don't take away the tests/At the end of days will they say "he was blessed"//We are not unclean by the things we ingest/We are not something 'cause we've seen the success//Yet we thank God, when we sing about sex?/Visine your eyes please, you ain't seen nothing yet//I'd like to liken life to a scene on a set/Reciting our own lines, He seems so upset//Scripture is the script, do we know it yet?/Stop living like we're heathens, do we know we're blessed//Love is grounded in Truth, electrifying/Let's correct those who make their selections blindly//Creation groans, arrest the crying/God is love, the elect should be testifying//

Verse 2: Livin' in the hour where love has waxed cold/Now we're swimming in sin, minus the back strokes//You can truly be free, just swallow their capsules/Only to get fooled by dudes pursuing their daft goals//Lovin' your cash flow/It seems that you're fluent, doing all to pursue it, even cruisin' back roads//You are not a child, yet you try to stack mo/Treatin money like it's Legos, just let go//Yo, there's some things that I ain't happy with/Has pursuing money become the pursuit of happiness?//Even with the riches, I wonder would one be happy sick?/Or simply want more because of our manufacturing?//Washed me white as snow, embrace my ashiness/In order to fly, gotta choose who you taxi with//Even in your lack, Love will always have you factored in/When the trumpet sounds, is the only time I'd gladly strip//Enough of the innuendos/You can't be deceived, unless you're sleeping on this info/Have you read the letter that was written to Corinth bro?/Paul wrote in love, there was power in his pen strokes//
Track Name: Let's Roll (Prod. by Tantu)
Verse 1: Declare the gospel to the world is exactly what we're called for/I was bound by sin then freed when I was called forth//I thought my grass was green, when it was just a golf course/Full of pits, life is too bouncy on a ball court//My new path is a ball field, ready for my home run/After I've run my race, He will say come home son//Tarried in Jeru until endued with dunamis/Had to break away from the carnal minds cluelessness//Labelled as drunkards, they say the Spirit's foolishness/He's our daily Mana, what manner of dude is this//Thankful that He truly lives, died for us He truly did/My true intent is to praise the God who truly gives//Redeemed by the tearing of the veil, His flesh/Traveling down the straight and narrow, the test//Filled by the Spirit on high, invest/On a white horse riding in the sky, success!//

Verse 2:
We perish for a lack of knowledge, I wonder why that is/A lack of identity, do you know that we are His//Straying from our faith, not believing that He is/Then we take the same baton and leave it with our kids//Why fathers, when they should know the Divine Father/Open up your eyes, earth isn't a blind harbor//Are you in to win? No excuse for our ignorance/Store up your treasures stop lusting for these dividends//Then again, do you know that we are denizens/Bound by the Law we all became citizens//Felt like Nicodemus, "Jesus can we live again?"/Crawl back in the womb, and truly become kids again?//No my little friend, learn to repent and live/Fall on the Rock or be ground up like cinnamon//No need for a team to beat Satan and his men again/He is the Avenger once the Body's done assemblin'//

Verse 3: Living in the generation full of brood vipers/It isn't "who shot ya," but who sniped ya?//Our youth is lead astray, who's the pied piper/It's the tool the devil used to be your eye's blinders//He wants more guests to help fuel divine fire/A thief and a lier, devoid of Shekinah//Had a better voice, than a million Mariah's/He purposed in his heart to lift his throne higher//Than the stars of God, and got himself fired/He was Super Smashed, minus Ice Climbers//Tell me what's greater, design or designer/A question designed to refine your desires//I pray that you arise, not confined to a lier/Depart from your old ways, arrive in Messiah//Receive of His Spirit, that guides from inside ya/Don't worry about credit, Christ will not deny ya//
Track Name: Somebody Loves You Baby (Prod. by TheBlockBeats)
Verse 1: Just because you're single doesn't mean you're all alone/Wanting someone to call just to cry while on the phone//Now you're feeling like your life is the twilight zone/"I hate myself," you cry with a lifeless tone//No need to end your life today, please put the knife away/Lift your eyes and pray, Christ can take away the strife today//Restore your broken heart, agape makes your smile stay/Won't refuse the contrite, He stays the same, night and day//It's ok to cry, tears stop us from being dried up clay/ Thankful for his grace and mercy, give Him praise for brighter days//Please don't believe, in anything those liars say/The liar's fate, logs tossed into the fireplace//

Verse 2: Real Love really loves the unlovable/No discrimination, hugs the un-huggable//Pureness in essence, it's able to humble you/Perfectly provides, your stomach will never grumble, true//Revisiting the dark ages of my history/Living the lie that my depression was meant to be//It seems my eyes were blind only 'cause they're meant to see/I made the attempt to seek, and felt His love tremendously//Dying with poker face, that's how the player plays/Never had a winning hand Love is ace of spades//I used to be enslaved, to everything naysayers say/'Til Love came and saved me from spots that even Vade evades//
Track Name: Diary of a Broken Man (Prod. by GeneralBeats)
A dysfunctional family, mama wanted to raise me right/In the heat of the kitchen, but still no gravy life//Tried to figure out what ingredient is missing/When disobedient she was expedient with whippings//Tough love, she wasn't greedy in her giving/Once I seen her grieving, it wasn't easy to live with//With so many wrongs, I never knew I could make it right/Bearing witness to my lying, not the Jamaican type//Hate manifested, really needed to Judah/Whether man or substance, I always avoided Buddha//Words are powerful weapons, was destroying with Rugers/Nightmares on every street, who's appointing these Kruegers?//Guns are the new cameras, just point it and it shoot em/Nickname em Silverstones, all these shooters are Clueless//Coffins are now beds, who's sleeping in their cribs tonight?/Guess we're all Super men, bullets must be our Kryptonite//Still living in darkness, never seeing the prism right/Hanging by a cord, just praying that this extensions right//Most the people Satan sifts are sentenced to a stint for life/I was playing his music, hitting every symbol right//Forgetting there's a snare close, imprisoned by his rhythms I/Was sickened by this sin, needed a new prescription, Life//Matthew 10:36, I was living this scripture my/Father passed away I didn't give em a kiss goodbye// The diary of a broken man, the diary of a broken man/The diary of a broken man, and I'm the one who wrote this, damn!//
Track Name: Special (Prod. by Li Mu Bai)
Verse 1: I'm knocking at your heart, but you don't answer/I Am the the life, sin is pseudo cancer//Why kill yourself, I've already died/Sweated blood, and already cried, gave myself so all could survive//There's no greater love, why are you duped/I am your Father, Skywalker, Luke//I've purchased you, My blood was the price/Accept my life or you're destined to die, my son Luke won't you walk in the sky?!//

Verse 2: Don't hang with them haters on the darkside, separate yourself, apartheid/Broad is the gate, don't walk wide, a child of the King, talk wise//Study my Word, or walk blind, you'll end up in a ditch with chalk lines/I don't want to listen to distraught cries, the choice was yours should've thought wise//Worried about things like stock price, I'm the God who makes stalks rise/Won't consider you a creep if you stalk life, die to yourself,
off life//There's a fire in your bones, give off light, My child you are blessed, cause you sought light//My child you are blessed cause you sought light, my child you are blessed cause you sought light!!!

Verse 3: Leia don't be layed up, or you'll be burning later/Run through by troopers, just to get with Vader//You'll reap the symptoms later, sown to your sinful nature/I seen your tears roll down, I then forgave ya//My wrath was kindled, until my love came through/My Word says I am love, and I'm in love with you//I will love you through, you know My love is true/Will you be My bride? Please say I do!//